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Food retailing is a 100% profitable business. Grocery stores, convenience stores, mass merchandisers, and food service facilities are the primary business points of food retailers. Packed idly/dosa batter, semi-cooked chapati, readymade parotta, and packed readymade idiyappam are some retail food business ideas that can generate high sales.

We assist food entrepreneurs in industrial food manufacturing so that they may reach their customers through quality foods.

Automated Food-Making Machines to Support Aspiring Food Processing Entrepreneurs

JJ Hi-Tech Automation & Machineries is the pioneer in the automatic food making machine manufacturing and exporting business in Coimbatore. Our machines are of high quality, sturdy, and durable. Those with a plan for a start-up business in the food industry can go with retail food sales as it gives a high ROI.

We manufacture and export food preparation machines such as fully cooked chapati makers, semi-cooked chapati making machines, chapatti/parotta pressing machines, parotta/Malabar parotta makers, idiyappam makers, idly/dosa batter-making machines, and pappad/appalam makers.

Our products are energy-saving and cost-effective for commercially producing foods such as chapati, parotta, poori, noolputtu, pappadam, appalam, and kerala parotta. Our idly batter-making machine simplifies the tedious process of grinding batter and makes idly/dosa production easy and convenient.

Benefits of Our Machines for the High Volume Food Production

  • Fully automatic/ Semi-automatic
  • Size, Temperature & pressure adjustments
  • Suitable for high-volume production
  • Ideal for the retail food industry and door-to-door sellers
  • Drive food sales
  • Premium commercial solutions

Why Choose JJ Hi-Tech Automation & Machineries?

We Manufacture and Export High-Quality and Durable Food-Making Machinery and Kitchen Equipment.

Our Compact Food-Making Machines Comply With International Standards and Finishing.

The Machinery Is Made of Anti-rust Material and Produces Clean and Safe Food.

Our Brand of Appliances Has Multiple Functions and Produces No or Little Sound.

Machine Maintenance and Operation Are Simple.

Provide Free Technical Training at the Time of Installation.

24x7 Online Technical Service Assistance for Our International and Outstation Customers.

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