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A delicacy from the Indian subcontinent known as appalam is a thin, crisp, and disc-shaped snack generally served along with vegetarian meals in hotels and homes.

The name of appalam becomes "apadam" in Andhra Pradesh and "pappadam" in Kerala. It changes as "happala" in Karnataka and papad in North India. Papad is widely popular not only in India but also in Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Pakistan. Papads primary component is urad dal.

Although the appalam originated in India, it has spread to other South Asian nations. The appalam gained popularity and spread to other countries.

There is a large assortment of appalam and papad producing machines offered by JJ Hi-Tech Automation & Machineries HighTech automation Machineries. Our dedication and cutting-edge technology make the product robust, precisely dimensionalized, and corrosion-resistant.

Our machine excels at auto pressing, sheeting, rolling, lubricating, cutting, and powder spraying while also being incredibly cost-effective. It doesn't make any noise or smoke.

The highest quality raw materials used for manufacturing Appalam Papad Making Machines are the best in their class. The machine has a longer lifespan and is resistant to rust. Our customers value and demand our items because of their excellent quality and efficacy.

Appalam making is a good choice for those with a plan for a start up with minimum investment.

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JJ Hi-Tech Automation & Machineries are the top exporters of high-quality and durable food-making machinery and kitchen equipment.

Our automatic machines qualify for international standards and finishing.

Easy Machine operation and maintenance.

Our machines are in full line with industry standards under supervision.

Features of Appalam / Papad Making Machine

Good ventilation: Ventilation makes it easier for the finished product to cool down and stack up.

High yield in less time: The automatic pappad and appalam maker can produce fresh batter,and the entire process takes a few minutes.

Hygienic:The Appalam making machine uses stainless steel and is elegant, hygienic, and easy to clean.

High levels of automation: Simple operation, labor- and time-saving features, and high levels of product maturity are offered at a lesser price.

Industries Beneficial with Commercial Pappad and Appalam Makers

  • Small Industries
  • Food processing industries

Assure machine quality: Our company's quality inspection department rigorously abides by the product inspection standards and ensures that 100% of the products are ex-factory qualified.

Free technical training: Free training is available to customers who purchase machines from our company. The training includes information on the Machine's operation, technical requirements, and maintenance.

Machine warranty: The machines come with a free one-year warranty and lifetime support.

Outstation service: Clients can lodge Repair requests on our customer care service helpline. We can provide service assistance through video calls. We send the required spare parts through courier services and will guide you to fix it.

FAQ About Fully Automatic Pappad/Appalam Making Machine

How to fry appalam in a microwave?

How to dry roast appalam and pappadam?

How can we store appalam?

What is Amritsari Papad?

The snack known as Amritsari Papad, sometimes known as papar, is unique to the city of Amritsar and the surrounding areas of the north Indian state of Punjab.

Amritsari papad is often made using dough made from hulled urad daal flour that has been heavily seasoned with salt, black pepper, hing (asafoetida), cumin, coriander, pomegranate seeds, and occasionally garlic. Because the ratios are so changeable, there is a wide range of flavours and spices.

What are the health benefits of papad?

The crunchy papad facilitates digestion, which results in the production of digestive enzymes. Encouraging beneficial bacteria in the stomach, it also aids in the treatment of other gut issues. Additionally, it is a protein-rich food and suitable for all age groups.

Do papads expire?

According to storage tests, papads with chickpea, urad dal, or wheat flour as a supplement can be securely stored at room temperature for 60 days and under refrigeration for 30 days.

What are the different varieties of papads available?

Rice papad, Ragi papad, Kali mirch papad(pepper papad), garlic papad, sabudana papad(Javvarisi appalam), aloo papad, hing papad, shakuli are popular kinds of papads available across India.

What should I do if my papads become moist?

Keep the papads outside the sun to dry when they get mushy and wet. The heat of the sun removes the water content from the foods. We can restore the crispness and dryness of papads with this method.

What is the difference between Kerala papadam and Tamil Nadu appalam?

Urad dal flour is the main ingredient of Kerala Pappadam and has some extra baking soda, making it puff up after frying.

Lentils, or various starches, are the main ingredients of appalam. It doesn't have as much soda in it.

What food pairs well with papad?

Indians offer papad as a side dish with meals. Restaurants serve it with a variety of toppings, such as chopped onions, chutney, or other dips and condiments, and it is also consumed as an appetizer or a snack.