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Idiyappam Making Machines Manufacturer in Coimbatore

Automatic Idiyappam Making Machines Manufacturer in Coimbatore

Idiyappam Making Machines Manufacturer in Coimbatore

Idiyappam is a rice-based meal popular in southern India (Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka), Sri Lanka, some parts of Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. It is also known as Semige, Nooputt, Noolputtu, Kodava, Putumayam, and Sri Lankan string hoppers. They are unquestionably one of the best dishes from South Indian cuisine.

It would be best if you had the equipment to create thin strands after making the dough with Idiyappam flour (Rice flour). It's usually a good idea to use an automatic idiyappam machine to push the dough through tiny holes quickly and easily.

We are the leading manufacturers and exporters of commercial idiyappam making machines in South India. Fully / semi-automatic idiyappam making machines are available with us.

JJ Hi-Tech Automation & Machineries provides mild steel semi-automatic idiyappam making machines with cutting-edge technology at lower costs.

Offering heavy-duty machinery made from high-grade stainless steel allows us to guarantee its maximum longevity, robust designs, and low maintenance requirements. We have been providing customers with cutting-edge machinery that can generate more than 600–650 pieces per hour with manual positioning of the plates.

Our product line features a highly effective motor that operates electrically and pneumatically. The range is portable and allows for quick transportation without difficulty. The Idiyappam produced is uniform in size and has a smooth texture.

  • Brand JJ Hi-Tech Automation & Machineries
  • Machine Type Semi-Automatic
  • Power Source Electric
  • Voltage 230 V
  • Mounted Type Floor Mounted

Why Choose Us for Automatic Kitchen Equipment?

  • JJ Hi-Tech Automation & Machineries is a leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of high-caliber food processing machines and kitchen equipment in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.
  • With various high-quality products with different characteristics, we have been meeting the needs of our customers.
  • JJ Hi-Tech Automation & Machineries only uses food-grade stainless steel to manufacture the machines.
  • Our brand of machines has multiple functions and produces no or less sound.
  • Streamlined design, sturdy structure, and minimal power consumption.
  • Built with high-grade materials to ensure a longer life.
  • We supply machines that make high-quality foods clean, sanitary, and safe.
  • Great operational fluency. A dynamic, well-balanced design that makes operation comfortable.
  • We are eager to learn about and adapt to the newest -technologies.

Exporters of High-Quality Automated Idiyappam Making Machines

  • JJ Hi-Tech Automation & Machineries is the top exporter of high quality and durable food-making machinery and kitchen equipment.
  • Our automatic machines qualify for international standards and finishing.
  • Easy Machine operation and maintenance.
  • Our machines are in full line with industry standards under supervision.

Special features

Good ventilation: Ventilation makes it easier for the finished product to cool down, pile up, and can place on a shelf due to the neat positioning of output holes

High yield in less time: The semi automatic idiyappam making equipment can produce fresh and soft string hoppers, and the entire process takes a few minutes.

Hygienic: The idiyappam machine uses stainless steel double helix, stainless steel conveying pipe fittings, and stainless steel panels, which are elegant, hygienic, and easy to clean. The automatic Idiyappam making machine presses the Idiyappam under optimum pressure, temperature, and sealing conditions, adhering to the regulations for food hygiene.

High levels of automation: It includes twin cylinder double helix automatic maturation, instrument monitoring, simple operation, automatic reinforcement feeding, labor- and time-saving features, and high levels of product maturity.

Industries Beneficial With Sevai Making Machines

  • Hotel
  • Food processing industries
  • Caterers
  • Canteen
  • Restaurants
  • Mess
  • Retail sellers
  • Door-to-door sellers

Repair & Service

Assure machine quality: Our company's quality inspection department rigorously abides by the product inspection standards and ensures that 100% of the products are ex-factory qualified.

Free technical training: Free training is available to customers who purchase machines from our company. The training includes information on the machine's operation, technical requirements, and maintenance.

Machine warranty: The machines come with a free one-year warranty and lifetime support.

Outstation service: Clients can lodge Repair requests on our customer care service helpline. We can provide service assistance through video calls. We send the required spare parts through courier services and will guide you to fix it.

FAQ About Idiyappam Making Machine

Why is Idiyappam good for your health?

What does the name "idiyappam" mean?

How is Idiyappam served?

Is Sevai the same as Idiyappam?

Homemade Idiyappam is also known as sevai. In Tamil households, sevai, also known as savory rice noodles, is a favorite tiffin item and they make it with freshly ground rice and a traditional sevai making machine

Where is the origin of Idiyappam?

A common belief is that Idiyappam originated in Sri Lanka, where it is a common dish. They serve String Hoppers with Coconut Sambol or Kiri Hodi, a traditional Sri Lankan curry made with coconut milk and mild spices.

How can we store Idiyappam without getting spoiled?

Freezing keeps Idiyappam fresh. They can last up to two days in the refrigerator.

How can you reheat frozen Idiyappam?

Microwave the string hopper for three minutes or more to defrost it.

What are the ingredients of Idiyappam dough?

The ingredients of Idiyappam dough are rice flour, salt, and water.

What is Idiyappam called in English?

Rice noodles or string hoppers are the English names for Idiyappam..

What Idiyappam variety dishes can we make?

We can make a wide range of dishes using Idiyappam (Sevai). Some popular dishes are Lemon sevai, Tomato sevai, Peppersevai, Masala Sevai, Tamarind Sevai, and Coconut Sevai.